Tree Services


This may be required if the tree is dangerous, dead or diseased. Providing there is adequate space, the tree may be felled from ground level.


Dismantling is required when there is insufficient space for felling. Advance rigging techniques can be used to avoid damaging property, lawns or gardens.

Crown reduction

Reducing the crown of a tree is the practice of reducing the overall size while maintain a natural shape. This is useful if you’re looking to minimise the shade created by the tree or to reduce the stress on a tree.

Crown Thinning

Helps to let more light through the tree and reduces the wind sail.

Crown lifting

Crown lifting is process of removing the lower branches of the tree, often required for ease of access or to improve a view or vista.

Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning is the process of removing all deadwood from the tree canopy. Helping to prevent deadwood falling and improve the health of the tree.


Reducing all branches back to a small framework and then by employing a regular pruning regime a tree can be kept smaller and more manageable.

Ancient and Veteran Tree Care

Ancient and veteran trees require different management techniques. If cared for correctly these trees can have many more years left.